"Brave means aspiring to live a meaningful life."

What I can offer

Academic Consultancy

Cathy Gylling researcher profile picture

As an academic consultant, Cathy’s potential contribution is to open up the future challenge for companies to understand and motivate the millennial generation to work and commit to this particular organisation. 

With this service I would contribute by sharing my understanding on how brands work and how the changes in technology innovations influence the way our work is designed and managed through change. My future aspiration is to be an influencer and a change maker. I am interested in “one plus one is three” investments for companies and I believe that companies aspire to achieve a long lasting positive impact on society through meaningful work.

The characteristic of this service relies on the fact that companies will actually add value on the work that they do for a good cause, instead of only extracting value in order to maximize shareholders’ profit. To give back what you take from the world.

This view changes the business model in a company and introduces the true value concept that already is in use by some organizations.

If we are to think in a sustainable and future oriented way we urgently need to rethink where wealth comes from and how we can create meaningful solutions through interdependent economies.

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Sail Racing

Cathy Gylling sailor profile picture

Sail racing is a lifestyle and it means everything to Cathy. Through sail racing she gets her energy and learns how to continue developing herself and her team. It has all the exciting elements you could ask for!

Sail racing is about strategic positioning before and after a mark rounding, it is about minimizing reaction speed and having a plan based on facts and information and executing the plan in accordance with the conditions at hand. It is a never-ending journey to constantly learn and to develop as a team, allowing them to stay focused and calm so that the boat moves fast.

You have to know who you are and you have to know your team. There is not enough time to go through things many times.

The wind is constantly shifting as well and the waves, so sail racing is physically demanding in heavy wind and mentally demanding in light wind. The eyes should be focused at the environmental conditions outside of the boat.

Working well together on a sailing boat reminds me of the importance of clear and straight communication so that everyone can feel respected and valuable and that nothing important is missed.

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Sail Community

Sailing in the sea

Cathy considers the sailing community as part of her family.  Through sailing she has developed friends all over the world, who have taught her many ways of how to treat people with respect and dignity.

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As a kid I was fascinated by my father’s teaching and I learned sailing through the laws of physics. In sail racing you feel that every molecule in your body is awake and when you cross the finish line you feel incredibly happy and cheer together with your team.

Soon after the regatta is over you start missing being out there on the water with your team and your competitors and you start making plans and preparing for the next regatta. You long for more of this healthy drug and you are grateful for the time people spend racing with you and for what you learned from them.

Welcome to the Dragon Gold Cup 2018!

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Yoga Lessons

Yoga at the shore

Cathy holds 3-4 private morning classes a week in companies and one morning class in a yoga studio.

I have worked as a yoga teacher for the last four years and I believe that the mind and thoughts can be trained as any other muscle in our body. I find it important that we learn how to just be, without having to perform. It is enough that we are breathing and rewiring ourselves.

I am passionate about sharing techniques that can be used on daily basis and I have found peace of mind and ease of physical pain through yoga and meditation.

The journey to meditation is not simple, it demands a lot of courage from a person and it has become part of my lifestyle.

We are prone to escape, through constantly and actively doing, as a way to avoid unpleasant feelings. In meditation those feelings confront us and escaping is not an option. You have to sit and breathe and understand how you can help yourself and that is what makes meditation so hard. It is a journey to self-respect and self-compassion that so many of us desperately need today.

Yoga is a great way to deal with the mind and train the body. Like sailing, meditation is a continuous learning process and every day something new is experienced and someone new and interesting is met.

Through my yoga practice I follow research on mindfulness, positive organizational scholarship and compassion. I believe that we would all benefit from truly knowing who we are and truly belonging to ourselves, as Brené Brown writes in her book “Braving the Wilderness”.

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